Free Know-how for Lecturers: The Birds Are Returning


After I took my canines out this morning I heard some birds chirping that I hadn’t heard in just a few months. That is a certain signal that spring cannot be too distant. The sounds of the birds this morning jogged my memory of a TED-Ed lesson about fowl migration. Hen Migration, A Perilous Journey teaches viewers some statistics about songbird migration, the function of fowl migration within the ecosystem, and the man-made challenges going through songbirds on their annual migrations.

Purposes for Training
After watching the video and finishing the lesson questions, a subsequent step is to have college students head to Undertaking FeederWatch the place they will see maps of fowl migration patterns.

Undertaking Feeder Watch is a public challenge. You and your college students can contribute to the challenge by counting birds at a website close to your college and even in your college yard.


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